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Coaching with Compassion

I listen deeply and reflect back to you what I hear. Together we decide the best path forward. Do you want to be held accountable for reaching certain goals? Do you need support as you identify what is in your way? Do you and your partner need to find a way back to each other? Do you want to create a company that is aligned with your values?

Relationship Coaching

Strengthen your relationships

Our relationships are critical to our happiness. Whether you have a great relationship and want to explore how to make it even better or if you are being challenged and need support, together we will create a safe space - either in individual sessions held in-person or virtually or during a VIP retreat -- to explore what may be in the way of having a fulfilling and intimate relationship. We can explore what is getting in your way, including how to increase communication and connect authentically, tools to address conflict with compassion so you can ask for what you truly need, and how to deepen intimacy

Personal b.u. Coaching

Show up authentically!

As we live life, it can be easy to fall into what we think is a 'groove' only to find ourselves living lives we don't even recognize, filled with endless to-do lists of meaningless tasks or days that begin and end in a mind-numbing blur. b.u. coaching can help put the YOU back into your life. Together we can discover what you value and want your life to be - today and in the future - so you can create and achieve the goals that will get you there. I offer 1:1 coaching virtually or in-person as well as group coaching experiences. Let's explore how you can be you?

Career & Business b.u. Coaching

Being you at work!

Let's face it -- how can we live an authentic life without being happy in our work life? I've discovered that we all need to figure out what I like to call --- our "b.u. sweet spot" -- the intersection of what you are good that also totally fills you up AND can financial fuel the life you desire. While you may think you can't have all three -- I believe you can create a life where you can! Don't waste another minute watching the clock at work. Let's explore how to find your vocation which is so much more than a job. Whether you thinking starting your own company or at the start of your career, seeking the next step in your career or thinking about transitioning to a new career or retirement, b.u. career coaching can help.

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