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What do I want to bring to this day?

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What do I want to bring to this day?

What a great way to start my day.  I was listening to Sharon Salzberg, famed meditation and mindfulness teacher, on a podcast recently, and I heard her use this as a query that can lead us to find our purpose.  The interviewer asked her for advice for others who may be looking for their life’s purpose – a subject that often comes up with my b.u. Coaching clients. I loved how Sharon answered the question with this question … What do I want to bring to this day?  

Many of us feel so much pressure to find OUR PURPOSE!  THE ONE!  Especially during the past few years of our lives being so upended by this pandemic, I have found that I am more introspective and want to be sure I’m living the life I was meant to.  Perhaps you feel this pull too?

What do I want to bring to this day?

I love this query.  It’s simple yet powerful. 

I will play with this daily as this is such a tremendous mindful practice.  It also matches what I’ve been learning lately about habit-forming from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits.  We can accomplish great things – one step at a time as we break down the significant accomplishments we want to achieve into small changes that add up.  This question has the potential to do that, doesn’t it?  We can ask this question every day to allow us to bring our attention to what we want in that moment, which in turn can lead us to finding our purpose. Yes?

I’m thinking that maybe finding our purpose or declaring our purpose isn’t a one-time thing – it doesn’t come as the heavens part, and we hear trumpets and discover our purpose in one big AH-HA moment.  Perhaps the key to finding our purpose is in being connected to our purpose every day. Maybe we find it in the little moments of every day. This reminds me of a favorite quote I actually have written on my office wall:

“The little moments.  The little things. They are not little.”

Be well, my friends, and I ask you – What do you want to bring to this day?

7 thoughts on “What do I want to bring to this day?”

  1. Laurie,
    I have 3 mantras I strive to live by.
    Just show up.
    Balance is the key.
    And the third one reminds me of your post today: What is mine to do.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, Laurie! Your thoughts make me think of a book I’m reading, Life Is A Verb. A friend organized a reading group for it – just another idea for your readers. Being mindful and living intentionally is always a work in progress. Thanks for keeping it front and center for us!

    1. Laurie Riedman

      Thanks Jackie. I’m so happy you found this inspiring. I’ll have to look up that book! Sounds like I’d like it. I do often do “book club” groups that I call bu connect. In fact, I’m starting a virtual one this fall focused on James Clear’s Atomic Habits! It’s a great way to support one another on putting some of these great ideas into action into our life!

  3. I don’t remember where I heard it, but it has stuck with me for years. “The purpose of your life is exactly what you are doing right now.”

  4. I love this question Laurie. It’s a wonderful way to settle into the day ahead with intention. I could answer calm, energy, heart, curiosity, etc. All different. All centering.

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